Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wake Up Call

Tyler swearing in for Active Duty.
Tonight Tyler called me for the first time since training began. He sounded sleep deprived but positive. He’s sharing a room with two other Officer Trainee Candidates, one with prior Air Force service. After going to sleep around midnight last night, he was rudely awoken at 0430 and given 1 minute to brush his teeth and shave. For anyone who knows Tyler’s hair… that’s a big deal. After they finished getting ready, the OTs had a ceremony outside. Tyler said that at 0500 hours the national anthem sounds pretty pitchy.

Not surprisingly, Tyler has already figured out how to experience the comforts of home at OTS. In his MRE meal, he received peanut butter and a package of M&Ms. He put the peanut butter on a spoon and dunked it into the bag of M&Ms creating his favorite childhood snack.

Everyone says the first two weeks of training are the hardest. Here’s to hoping that’s the case: 1 day down, 13 days to go.

Celebrating with the Family! 

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